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At Casa we specialize in the installation of wooden frames, typically used to create the underlying structure of residential and commercial buildings. These frames provide the support and shape for walls, roofs, and floors, and are an integral part of the building’s overall structural integrity. We work closely with architects, engineers, and general contractors to ensure that the frame is installed properly and to code. We work with latest digital technologies like AUTOCAD, Revit to insure all the designs are accurate.

 We also provide additional services such as roof and wall sheathing, insulation installation, and window and door installation.

Pictures worth long years.

Fitting the pieces together to support and shape, is a key feature of framing. With the experience of more than 10 years, Casa provides the best material and best results for their clients. Framing material usually includes engineered wood, drywall panel, wood or steel.


Framing has been basically categorised into three categories, heavy frame construction, light framing and expedient framing.

pictures worth long years
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